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BUTIK agency

Butik makes brand activation the superhero cape of marketing, turnings ordinary products into marketing rockstars. It’s like throwing a surprise party for your product and inviting everyone to join the festivities. Forget about dull brands – brand activations is the glitter canon of marketing leaving a trail of sparkle and memorable experiences. In a world full of bland ads, brand activation is the unicorn riding a skateboard – unexpected, unforgettable, and undeniably ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS IN THE MOMENT.

Nico Ruell — Founder BUTIK AGENCY

We’re a fierce squad of humans hustling for humans. We are a crew of renegades, rebels, and creative maestros that make up our unstoppable force at BUTIK agency. Our mission? Execution, excellence, and exceptional service for our clients and partners. We’re not just vendors – we’re collaborators, co-creators, and comrades in arms. Together, we forge honest, transparent relationships built on trust and mutual respect. It’s not just business; it’s a partnership, a journey, and a relentless pursuit of greatness. Let’s raise the bar and set the standard for high-level execution.

We work in the Benelux with offices in Antwerp, Brussels and Amsterdam.


the brand

We add the dimension of human interaction to your brand.
Making sure your brand comes to life in the moment. It’s all about telling, being and living the brand. A combination of skills that no other medium can reach.

Butik’s Human Interaction gives deeper meaning to your brand associations. Told by ambassadors who are authentic and genuine.

At BUTIK, we create events & campaigns based on human insights and produce them in the smallest executional detail. 

We offer high quality activations that show off.

the Mment

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